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Work Related Injury/Near Miss (INM)

Worksite 97 is encouraging ALL members to call the injury near miss line @ 204-940-8482 for any instances of nurse abuse, safety concerns, work related injury and other near miss occurrences. The paper forms are no longer needed. If you want to fill them out you can, the employer has posted the new INM line in offices and online months ago. Members are also advised to phone the MNU hotline @ 1-877-942-0805 also as this helps MNU to investigate incidents of violence and harassment. Members are also to contact their NRC/After Hours when they are injured on the job. Please make sure you have reported your injury to WCB regardless if you are missing work or not @ 204-954-4100.

If you have questions on whether it is a WCB claim, call them anyway and let us know. There is an appeal process.

Please leave a message on the worksite's land line @ 204.451.4473 or e-mail us @ By doing this, you have informed the worksite and we are able to support you.

Safety, Bullying, Harassment should be ALL of our concern. Let us know what is happening.

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