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Filling out Occurrence Reports

Occurrences need to be reported to learn from them and to recommend quality and risk management improvements to diminish the chance of a reoccurrence, hence promoting a culture of safety.

If occurrences, especially safety and health occurrences are not reported management can not make an attempt to rectify the situation. Remember silence is acceptance. MNU president Maureen Hancharyk said that International and Canadian studies have concluded that nursing is the most dangerous profession.

Nurses need to let management know what is happening by filling out the Occurrence Reports.
Steps to follow:
  1. Fill out the Occurrence Report
  2. Give the report to your supervisor
  3. Ensure your area's Workplace Safety and Health Representative or union has a copy of the report or is aware that a situation has occurred
  4. Advocate for yourself and fellow employees by actively seeking follow up from management for a resolution for the occurrence.
Union/Employer Follow Up

The union receives a summary of all submitted occurrence reports at quarterly Local and Central Workplace Health and Safety Meetings. The occurrence information and follow up action taken by the WRHA is compiled. What continues to be discussed at Workplace Safety and Health meetings are that nurses are not filling the occurrence reports out as often as they should be. This unfortunately leads to the employer believing that safety and health concerns are not occurring as frequently as they are.

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