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Responsibility of all MNU Members

As a member of the Manitoba Nurses' Union we all have a role to play in the Union regardless of what level it may be.

  1. Check your pay stubs regularly, the seniority hours, the vacation lists and contact the NRC/Team Manager responsible if there is an error.
  2. Read all information put out by the Worksite President or the Union with regards to the Collective Agreement. Check your MNU Board frequently.
  3. If you have a questions or concern read the Collective Agreement first and try to understand, then if you need clarification check the website at to email a question. You could also phone or talk to your areas reps or contact the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.
  4. Take an active role, even if you have before, and attend a General Worksite meeting. Meeting times will be posted in advance on the website and MNU boards.
  5. Fill out Workload Staffing Reports when the situation arises.
  6. Fill out Incident Reports when the situations arise. Remember: Silence is consent!
  7. Remember you can relay your concerns/issues on to your Team Manager not just your Worksite President, just let them know if you have.
  8. Contact your Worksite President or other Executive Member if you have been called or receive a letter of discipline right away. Don't delay; action can only be taken on it in a limited time frame.
  9. Remember your Worksite President is just like you, give them a chance to represent you and answer your questions. They did not write or design the Collective Agreement. Any problems or disagreements you have with it are not done by them; they are just the messengers and middlemen.

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